Having spent many years in Vermont, I now live in Colorado and observe the local environment, ecology and economy of the place I call home.

My work draws extensively from scenic surroundings and encounters with domestic and wild animals. It calls forth a relationship of mutual learning that ultimately aspires to a better understanding of the world we cohabit. While inviting viewers to find a special connection with my subjects, I employ a blend of realism and impressionism to portray that which a camera cannot.

My animal paintings embody the essence of artist Robert Henri’s words, “Paint the flying spirit of the bird rather than its feathers.” I imbue my subjects—from wild moose to domesticated canines—with a physical presence that honors a deep bond between animals and people. Whether focused on an interpersonal gaze or bodily gesture, I strive to engage viewers by extending an opportunity for personal connection.

In landscape paintings, I typically ask viewers to question the ways in which paint application invites a sensual connection to place, augmenting beauty and character rather than replicating them. As I see and paint more of the world, my appreciation for wildly different landscapes grows—I use my brush to share that appreciation, inviting others to join me in a given place.

Finally, I utilize the aforementioned ideas and techniques to paint on wide-ranging surfaces. From a chair to a dresser, a snowshoe to antique shutters, I love working with different textures and objects to inspire and create.

I welcome commission opportunities of all kinds.